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We have been working with Gary Sullivan for over 5 years now. As he is a proud owner of one of our Ventilation Systems, he speaks about our product often.

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“Wow! I have seen a 100% change. I have severe allergies and the smell in my basement nauseated me. Now I can enjoy my lower level without it making me sick. I can’t thank you enough, wish I would’ve purchased an EZ Breathe years ago.”                                         – Jan S., KY

“Huge Difference!  So much better, no more humidity. My whole EZ Breathe experience was fabulous. Thank you!”                                   – Barbara M., NY

“Thanks Gary.  I just turned 80.  Really enjoy your show and the info you pass along.  Took your advice a couple years ago and got an E Z Breathe.  The air in the lower level is SOOOOOOOO much fresher. Thanks again for the Birthday wish and the great advice.” 

- B. Edward D., PA  

Gary Sullivan – Radio’s #1 DIY Expert

Garypic#12007Do-It-Yourself has never been bigger, and Gary Sullivan is radio’s DIY man. With over thirty years of home improvement know how, and over a decade of broadcast experience, Gary will help you build it up, tear it down, fix it, or replace it.

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Now when we enter our house, it feels like we’re walking into a new home! E·Z Breathe® has helped to solve our moisture and mold problem. Thank you! — Richard & Tonya Spraggins

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